Stickman Armed Assassin 3D


Stickman Armed Assassin 3D
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Welcome to Stickman Armed Assassin 3D. There has been a rebellion on planet NU-250F. A secret biological weapon was developed in his laboratory. Some of his security workers planned to steal the bioweapon sample and sell it to the highest bidder. They took some hostages, scientists and civilians. You are sent to stop it. Eliminate all the rebels, rescue some military and medical staff and obtain intelligence about the new bioweapon system. Good luck!

Use all the control keys below to help you complete mission


How To Play

W, A, S, D to walk through
Mouse to look around
Left mouse button to fire
Right mouse button to aim
Mouse wheel to change weapons
G for grenades
R to reload
F to pick up items
Left shift to run
Left ctrl to crouch
X to prone
U to melee
Space to jump

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