Stickdoll 2 : Revenge Of Flame


Stickdoll 2 : Revenge Of Flame
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Fire Kingdom is one of the nine Kingdoms. In this story, Flame represents the fire kingdom. Fire Kingdom tries to get the power back. With 5 elemental stones, they can have their power back like old days. Gargle company flame in this adventure. However, Gargle is a warrior-mage who is very smart and not loyal, he stole the main elemental stone. After that company becomes enemy, this stone makes gargle even more powerful than in the past. After he gets the stone, gargle goes for the other ones. The main elemental stone is the key to activate the dark spell book. But first, book must combine with the other stones. Once they combined, the holder can rule the entire universe. At that point, flame has to find all the stones before garle. Then, he must take the main elemental stone back...

How To Play

Use arrow keys to move and Spacebar to attack

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